Going on a While Now

Welp, I'm still not very good at going to sleep early, but I do feel more rested. I don't have that twitchy feel anymore, that had me unable to focus for more than about two minutes. I'm enjoying my break from activites and people, even though I'm still doing a lot of family stuff. Family, I love you, but SERIOUSLY. Do you remember when I used to read all day and ignore everyone until you called my name three times when I was like eight? This is my grown-up version.

I always hated people who counted down the days til Friday, but this week I am glad. It means rest, and I am looking forward to being full of rest.

Housewarming soon. Who knows how long I'll be there, but it's a good excuse to make cute invitations and have people over to get a sugar high on homemade ice cream and popsicles. Mmmm, ice cream. Blackberries and Strawberries and Blueberries, how I love summertime in California.

I like these prints; especially the captions:

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Ashley said...

you are so cute!!! I am excited to get to see you soon :) yum homemade ice cream...sadness that I live so far away! Love you! oh and i'm glad your not twitchy anymore :)